Looking for a cheap VW T4?

A Good way into VW ownership is to buy an unloved van and turn it into your project. My first van was just that a shell with the engine blown and laying in the back. This meant I could buy the van buy a used engine fit it and be up and running with a very cheap van.

This is not a simple task though as if you can’t do the work yourself it will cost a lot to pay someone else to do the work for you but can give you great peace of mind as you know exactly what work has been done to the van. The costs can rattle up here really fast as all the little bits and scene tax can add up.

This also can make a more expensive van that has been well looked after an that comes with a lot of accessories can actually be more cost effective than having to build the van yourself.  Looking for a converted VW T4?

Anyway You are probably here to see a list of cheap vans, this list is scraped from eBay for easy viewing:

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