Re-register VW T4 as a Motor Caravan

So It comes to the point where the van is pretty much finished in regards to being a Motor Caravan and that time of the year again with an insurance renewal. I had to send of my log book to the DVLA to re-register as a Motor Caravan.

Previously I had been insured as a commercial vehicle which was nearly 5 times what I am now paying as a Motor Caravan and that also includes having an agreed value of what it is actually worth and all modifications declared. As an absolute bonus my new insurance came with full European breakdown cover. So my entire insurance cost with Breakdown cover is less than I was paying for Breakdown Cover with RAC.

There are a lot of recommendations out there for VW T4 insurance but so far I have found the experience with Carole Nash to be great and would highly recommend giving them a try. Also useful for me was that I had not yet received confirmation from DVLA on the change when renewing my insurance so they allowed me to retrospectively insure as a Motor Caravan.

There are a few good guides on the internet detailing the process of re-registering but it is not to hard of a task to read through the details supplied by the DVLA about Registering a DIY Motor Caravan and checking off all the relevant points.

To help you with your re-classification here is the Cover Note that I included with my log book when sending to the DVLA, as you can see I kept it very simple and made sure the pictures clearly depicted the requirements from their guide.

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