Some Extra Storage

So we always need extra storage and in this cold weather I have hardly been using the Fiamma Bike Rack for bikes. Obviously Snowboarding comes with this weather so having all the kit in the van when sleeping is also a bit of a nightmare so I picked up a Storage Box.

There is not much to this, I have added a bolt in one of the Bike rack runners that can give a bit of security to the box, I was initially thinking of using U-Clamps but it just seemed a waste of effort for something not permanent.

Once the box is resting on the bike rack with a home made wing nut and spreader plate I then use straps to actually secure it. This works well as I can place a pair of skis and snowboard ontop.

This has really made me like the idea of having this extra space so I will be looking for roof rails next so I can mount a large roof box, hopefully big enough for Snowboard and even better if my surfboard fits in.

This is not an ideal solution either as the van is used daily and is handy being able to get into height restricted spots, so the roofbox would only be used when needed.

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