Camping trip to Weston-Super-Mare

So very unlike me this trip had been planned for a while we were to be looking after the twin nephews while their parents would be enjoying a wedding in Bristol.

First things first tho looking in the back of on of the T4 magazines I spotted an article about Britstops which is a book that provides Free overnight stays across the UK in Pub and Farm shop car parks. This is great for two reasons number 1 you get to explore where you would not normally and also be safe in the knowledge that your are staying somewhere safe that you are not worry you are going to get moved on. Head to the Britstops website and get yourself a book.

So with a plan that we were staying in Weston-Super-Mare and this shiny new book we set off the evening before we were due at the camp site for an overnight stop to split the journey up. We had stopped at Britstop 432 which happened to be a pub car park not to far from the motorway and dog friendly. Sadly we turned up late after they were closed and headed out before they would be opening so did not get a chance to sample any food or drink.

Overnight Camping at Britstop 432


Onwards from our overnight stop to Weston-Super-Mare we arrived at the Uphill Boat Centre I had spotted lots of reviews on this campsite and none bad. The prices are all posted on the website and phoning to book involved no surprises and easy process to make my booking. The campsite was well occupied being the Bank Holiday weekend but we found our pitch and got to setting up.

vwt4 awning camping setup


This was the first time properly setting up the awning and in total took me nearly an hour on my own but was well worth it for all the extra living space we now had and I could imagine spending a long time living comfortably out of this awning.

The campsite is Dog friendly and situated right next to plenty of places to take your fury friend for a walk. Close to the entrance offsite is also a dog friendly cafe which is handy.


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