A Different VW T4 Layout

Initially we needed the extra seat belts so went with a rock n roll bed but now hardly needing the seat belts it was time to build a layout that made using the van much more pleasant and has given me more storage and access to it.

The problems I had with the rock n roll bed in no particular order were all bedding and bed had to be put away in the morning this has been the worst for me as we have also been using self inflating mattresses to make it more comfortable, resulting in a good 15mins to pack the bed away before being able to start on breakfast etc. As a seat it was comfy as a bed it was a little too firm hence needing the self inflating mattresses as a topper. Space it took up a lot of space so there was a lot of wasted space that was just not usable without loosing the function of the bed.

What I am aiming for with my new layout is to not need mattress toppers, be able to sleep in the bed without any fuss when on my own apart from getting a sleeping bag and pillow out, be efficient when used as a double bed to pack away and leave the other person in bed, gain some better more planned out storage and lastly a place for a camping toilet.

Im not going to go into the building off more just a general outline so I started playing around in Sketch Up coming up with the rough dimensions to see what would work.


This plan has the dimensions of the toilet at the front where it will slide in an be easily accessible and shows access to the storage areas and allows me to plan the length of the bed and width of the seat etc.

Following those loose plans I built as I went along to actually create something not to far from it.

I used Stretch Carpet to cover the top and some left over vinyl flooring to cover the sides this kept everything matching the existing look and feel of the van and makes sure things look neat and comfortable.

To Make things comfortable and cost effective I went with 3inch medium foam with 1inch of memory foam on top really I would have liked to have gone a bit thinker but it all just cost more money and I had previously upholstered vans with 3inch foam without the 1inch topper so was confident in its comfort level. Foam can be quite expensive and I have found the cheapest way to purchase is buy it as a Foam Mattress and you can specify the size and how its made up as buying it cut to size works out a lot more. Cutting the foam is very easy yourself using a sharp long kitchen knife or an electric meat carving knife.

For the fabric which again can be very expensive I was looking for end of roll sofa fabric which will be hard wearing and not as much value to the seller as they want rid of it. Just make sure you order double what you need as you may not be able to get hold of anymore.

I made the rear and side as box cushions with a zip and the third cushion that completes the bed is upholstered directly to the wood but with the same stitching as the box cushion.

I am really happy with the results and it has given me the ability to add another cupboard at the rear under the slide up cabinet, storage from a hatch in the top of the side, a place that a camping toilet will fit and a lift up panel to access the rear storage from inside the van without having to open the rear.



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