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Thermal Cover for the Sunroof

Next thing on the never ending list was to create a thermal cover for the sunroof as its the last piece of glass not covered when we are camping and you can often feel when its cold it radiating more coldness into the van.

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The little tasks that add up

Next was to get some tint on the rear window, this is something I would usually do myself but I was never normally 100% happy with the result so decided that paying someone to get it perfect would be a nice change. So I found a local company Alexandria-Autotint and got it booked in. I had gone for a limo black and was more than happy with the results.

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My van history Part 2

After a summer riding my bike to work, and wondering why my money was not all disappearing having no van to spend it on the nights started drawing in and the search began again for a van, another interesting find online, high mileage but sounded to be in otherwise good condition. Took my dad with a recovery truck to have a look a quick haggle and brought it back home.Read More »

My van history Part 1

After previously owning three T4’s, the first was bought off eBay unseen as a shell without an engine not a recommended way but they were so far out of my price range budget dictated it, I had sourced a caddy 1.9 engine and fitted it with my dad within a week and got myself on the road.Read More »

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