Interior Units

So again no in progress photos but these were made in a short space of time so no time for camera clicking anyway It never looks as good half built so I get to hide all the bad bits / mistakes I wouldn’t want seen.

So I decided on a full run of units and being able to take measurements from the bed in its final position and in seated position allowed me to work out how many openings I could fit in which ended up being three cupboards and two drawers on full length sliders.

One interesting addition here is the tambour door no way was I willing to pay the retail prices I had seen these for so I found an old petrol station cigarette dispenser in a skip. Cleaned and trimmed to size it makes a very usable space next to the seats that a regular cupboard door would be restrictive.

Obviously space is at a premium and not wanting to go with a built in fridge that would hardly get used and take up far too much space I went with a small draw that my cool box can slot into, so this means I just need to remove the coolbox if I want to regain the cupboard space.

Next was to tidy up under the bed and rather than struggling with access for this storage space another draw fits perfectly here and makes it a breeze to tuck stuff away, Next up was getting the electrics in to charge phones and power the electric blanket if things got a bit cold.

Last item was fitting a table, I went with the fold down leg and sliding rail. There was no point trying to come up with something to do this when this solution is well priced and really smart and compact. I made the table myself out of some left over ply with a few healthy coats of varnish, I had to make sure this was perfectly sized as if you look at some of the previous photos I can slide it in behind the drivers seat for storage.

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  1. Theo Saar says:

    Hi!Have you ever used semi gloss paint instead of flat? I’m wondering if food splatters could be cleaned up easier on semi gloss…

    • will says:

      I have only used paint inside the cupboards so have none in any areas that would come in contact with food but you make a good point would be easier to clean as it would probably mark matte paint

  2. Lee says:

    What wood have you used for the units?

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