Just Kampers thermal windscreen cover fix

I have been meaning to get to this little fix for a while. A few times while away camping if the wind has come from a certain angle it can lift the Thermal windscreen cover in the corners as there is nothing holding it, this then can lead to the Velcro undoing if it is windy. As is always the way this coincided with rain so getting out of the van in the pouring rain to re attach the cover was a bit tedious.

So a simple fix is to sew some elastic that will go below the wing mirrors and should stop the bottom corner from flapping and thus should not allow the Velcro to be put under enough strain to open up.

So firstly keeping this cheap I salvaged some elastic from an old stinky snowboard jacket and test fitted to the van and marked the length and position. This was then sewn on in the sewing machine.

So that’s about all there is to it really its just a shame Just Kampers didn’t leave an extra flap of material with Velcro so I didn’t have to do this but all in all I am happy for the cost and couldn’t imagine paying for a more expensive Thermal Windscreen Cover.

I will say after various methods in the past of interior curtains and windscreen covers I will always use an external screen cover from now on as the task of clearing up the condensation gets a bit tedious with the other methods.


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  1. Ubuntu VPS says:

    Have you though about making your own out of thermal bubble wrap, just hold up a section of thermal bubble wrap and mark out the shape of the with your finger then cut it out about 15mm larger and push up into the window. Mine stay up without any fixing and only cost about Ј12 .For the windscreen you will need to tape 2 lengths together.

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