A Sink or Drainer DIY

So Building up a greater picture of how the van is being used we often find ourselves cutting a bottle in half and using it for waste water for brushing teeth or having to open up the door to throw water out from a cup you have just rinsed.

For me this still does not warrant having a full sink with fresh and waste water bottles taking up room. So inventive time comes a knocking with minimal space available and a brief of wanting to dispose of waste water here is the solution I have come up with.

Completely unexpectedly if you are still reading this I started off with a Roasting Tray, don’t believe me? here it is

VW T4 DIY Drainer Sink Baking Tray

The thinking behind this is it is shallow enough to not interfere with the draw below and deep enough to catch the small amount of water it will be used for. The next item which I clicked to fast an ordered the wrong thing is a 90 degree sink waste outlet I ended up with a straight one which when connected would be in the way of my draw. I ended up using some epoxy, cutting and a 90 degree elbow and making it one but would advise buying the correct thing first time.

Next task was fitting the two together by first cutting a hole in the Baking tray and then using a large socket and smaller socket to create an indentation for the waste outlet to sit flush.

With that done and not looking to bad it was time to fit it into the worktop, templates were made measurements checked and the hole cut where it needed to go.

So to finish up all that was left was to drop a whole in the floor of the van to run the waste pipe out. This means we can either drop the waste water straight on the ground or can put a container under the van to collect the waste if needed. I could then add some tiny screws into countersunk holes to hold it firmly in place.

Last of all was to cut a piece of perspex to size and spray the inside black to try and match it in a bit with the smev and to keep the flat worktop space when the sink is not required.

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