Thermal Cover for the Sunroof

Next thing on the never ending list was to create a thermal cover for the sunroof as its the last piece of glass not covered when we are camping and you can often feel when its cold it radiating more coldness into the van.

I’m not even sure if this is something you can buy not that I have looked, but its such an easy DIY task it would not be worth buying. This could also apply for creating thermal covers for the rest of your windows.

So the First step was to cut out the shape to cover the sunroof out of some leftover foil insulation.

VW T4 Thermal Sunroof Cover Cut

Next was to dig out the bag of previously ordered Window Suckers I went for 20mm but I think if I were to do it again I may go with larger to make them a bit easier to work with.


This now meant a bit of mental stimulation was needed to work out how to attach these, I ended up creating a round washer drilling a small hole and making a slit to slide around the rear of the sucker. I first started trying to use some milk bottle plastic but it was too flimsy digging through the recycling and this ice cream tub had a more robust plastic and has seemed to work well.

I thought I had better have a test fit to see how well it worked.

VW T4 Thermal Sunroof Cover Test Fit

And really that was all there was to it but I wanted to tidy them up a bit more and had some of my headlining material left over, so with a small amount of spray glue I attached the fabric and trimmed to size.

To tidy up the edges I was going to get the sewing machine out and sew a nice fabric trim all around the edge but number one it really doesn’t matter how this looks it just needs to perform and secondly if you are following along at home and don’t have a sewing machine you wouldn’t be able to finish it of.

So instead I got the duct tape out and folded it around the edging to create a neat look. And again took it to the van and fitted it in place.


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