Double Swivel Seat

Fitting a double swivel is a must for my setup but not so enjoyable is paying for the solutions already out there. So after much research I decided that I was going to fabricate my own swivel having mocked up a rough design of how it would work I needed to source the parts, this was harder than I imagined with not knowing exactly what I was looking for.

While looking for a particular dimension star knob, I came across something called a clamping handle, which is basically a M10 nut with a ratchet on top seeing as they were not much money an idea sprung into my head and I ordered 4.


So step one was to undo the double seat and put the bolts I had removed back onto the threads to shorten them.


Step two put the seat back into the driving position and check the clamping handles worked and were tight enough


Step three I now have a front double seat that can swivel it takes me no more than 2 minutes to undo the clamping handles turn the seat around then secure it by putting 2 back on.

Buy clamping handle’s on ebay.

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  1. Richard says:

    Nice job, can I ask where you got the clamping handles from please

  2. Marko says:


  3. Scott says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but is this a standard double bench seat? We have just acquired a ’91 T4 Campervan with a Captains passenger seat, and are looking for simple and less expensive solutions, and this looks like it may be perfect!

    • will says:

      Yes just a standard double bench seat, there are two versions tho one folds and has a lap belt in the middle the other does not fold and has a three point belt in the middle. The non folding one would be a bit harder to turn around but would still work.

  4. David says:

    Hi, thanks for the advice on this. I’ve just bought myself a set of m8 clamping handles, but the bolts seem more like m10, so don’t fit. Mine is a standard passenger double on a t4 2002. Any thoughts would be welcomed!

  5. will says:

    Seems like they should be m10 not sure why I have written m8. Sorry about that confusion

  6. Lisa N says:

    Hi, have you put the seats on any kind of stand or base to allow the swivel? Or is it just a manhandle into position job? 🙂

    • will says:

      Its a manhandle but you only need to lift it above the threads then slide it on the floor then lift back onto the threads. You should only need to lift one side at a time so not to much weight.

  7. Roy Loughran says:

    That is a superb solution, I would have liked a swivel but the budget won’t allow.
    Impressed !



  8. Andrew McCutcheon says:

    Hi, I’m assuming the bolts have standard pitch thread rather than fine (or do the clamping handles have fine pitch threads?).

    I’d take one out and look but I haven’t picked up my van yet! 😀

    I want to buy 4x high tensile bolts rather than cut down the originals.


    • will says:

      They are a standard pitch, I would say tho however wait until you have the van as I have had a few people say they have had M8 studs Im not sure if there is a variation in the vans or not

  9. Rob says:

    Hi bolts work great thanks for the hack I have the 18mm m10 handelss and fit right down to base no need to cut bolts I do however have a question I have 3 bolts in rear of seat 1 is slightly shorter and a different size head I only bought 4 handles seat is secure any ideas what the bolt is for as not mentioned in any other t4 post (it’s nearer the handbrake side of van don’t want to leave without a nut in case it is holding something on other side but is making seat slightly uneven thanx again rob

    • will says:

      I think that bolt is in the double seat vans I don’t think its in the single passenger seat vans. You could probally take it out and blank the hole tho.

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