Fitting a FASP Swivel and Leisure Battery

So as ever with the van wanting me to spend all my money on it and another trip coming up I changed my double seat to a single which had a swivel base with it. This meant I was now needing to get the drivers seat to swivel for the extra seating space and a handy dandy place to sit while cooking.

I decided to order a FASP swivel as it’s not something that you want to particularly skimp on. Overall for the price it costs I’m not 100% happy but nothing a bit of butchery can’t sort out.

Again as with the Smev Hob I would advise ordering this with a fixing kit because once it arrived and I realised I had no way of fitting it I then had to wait a few more days for the nuts and bolts to show up. I bought a pack of 10 M8 20mm Countersunk Allen Bolts and Nuts, I would advise shorter bolts as these were a bit long but managed to make them work.

Not going into much details but the swivel was a nightmare to fit as the countersunk washers are welded on and didn’t line up very well for me and when you did get them in it pulled the seat runner out of parallel so it would not move forward or backward.  I ran a drill through the holes which was enough to get it fitted but certainly not ideal. If I were to do it again I would probably grind the countersunk washers off so they had freedom to move this would make fitting much easier and if needing to enlarge the hole wouldn’t cause the countersunk bolt to pull the wrong direction.

Lastly I had no idea which way it goes up so fitted it pretty much every way until the seat moved easily.

Onto the next part the previous Leisure battery I had fitted sat slightly proud of the top of the seat base I also had to shim the seat base to lift it up meaning I couldn’t fit the swivel and even if I could it was going to lift the seat a long way.

After a lot of looking at dimensions and measuring in the van I found a Battery that would fit well:  Hankook XV110 Leisure Battery. Without a swivel plate this battery would fit under the seat absolutely fine but to allow for a bit more space I cut the rubber matt to sit the battery directly on the floor. I could then use brackets from the seat bolts to hold the battery in place and lastly a strap over the top.

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  1. Winston says:

    Did you vent it ?

    • will says:

      I did not vent it but in that location it would be easy to run a tube under the step and out the door rubber seal or drop a little hole through the floor.

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