A Rock n Roll Bed

So the time came to go pick up my bed and hand over the rest of the cash to Auto trim Solutions. I was super happy with the bed, upholstery all top quality. They loaded it into the back for me and handed over all the spreader plates and fixings I would need to fit and as a bonus a nice new HSS drill bit.

Obviously not being one to hang around on getting home I slid the bed around to where I thought it needed to be, tested that it would open without catching on anything which was all fine. I took some measurements from the top to check if it would foul any structure on the underside ( note this is when you drop the spare wheel so you don’t drill through it ).

All looking good and not feeling brave that my measurements were accurate I wimped out and pre drilled the four fixing holes with a smaller bit just in case I was off. This probably being the first time my measurements were fine so I drilled the larger holes and bolted the seat down with the spreader plates under the van.

With it bolted in the van the opening and closing the bed was a lot better but some grease inside the tubes that slide made things a lot quieter and smoother still. This stopped the rattles that were present pre grease.

Next was a trip to IKEA for some supplies. I wanted some LED’s and to have a look at their curtain systems and as usual with trips to IKEA I had some meatballs for dinner. I chose the IKEA DIODERS which change colour, IKEA KVARTAL curtain system as it was just so much cheaper than any of the current T4 solutions out there. I also picked up some reduced fabric.

This then meant a morning of sewing curtains, applying the matching fabric to the headliner and installing the LED’s. Not much to talk about but I am more than happy with the results and extra happy with the savings.

The next task I made for myself was for the wasted space below and to the side of the Rock n Roll Bed. I came up with a little cubby hole with a cup holder that in the future would also contain a charger port.


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