Getting an Awning

So with a few trips in the planning, wanting a bit more space and to be able to have somewhere to store everything from the van once you are set up the search began for an Awning.

My criteria was firstly price and a budget of around £150 secondly I wanted it to either have a bedroom or be big enough to fit a tent inner to allow for trips with a few more people.

Initially I was really liking the look of the Quechua Base Seconds but space inside was not ideal and secondly being a pop up it would not be an easy item to pack down into the van.

The second option which I was pretty much set on was the Driveaway Compact 300 Awning which was exactly what I was looking for.

The end result was just per chance browsing the Just Kampers website and seeing the Campershop Traveller Tunnel Awning reduced in price I decided I had to have it.

Anyway the smart thing to do before I take it away was to have a go at putting it up so I could check it was all there and I was not going to encounter any issues when I am at a camp site putting it up.

I have never really had a tent this big before so cannot compare putting it up to anything else but I would highly recommend two people doing it even if just to save some time. It took me a total of 30 mins on my own but now I know what I am doing and with a bit of help I think I could really reduce that time.

All in all the awning is of great quality and I was surprised how thick the tent poles were, they look like they will handle a bit of abuse and bad weather. Another good to know fact was it is easy enough to pack back away, my first attempt I didn’t really fold it neat enough but knowing this and unfolding it and starting again I had it folded rolled and placed in its carry bag in no time.

Just to give you an idea if you are thinking about one of these, below is a time lapse of me erecting it ( fighting with the dog over tent poles ) and also a few pictures. I will take some more pictures the first time we use it properly.

You can buy one from Just Kampers.

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