Updating the Dash Speakers

So the whole time of owning the van the sound that has come out of the speakers has been OK, I knew they were the original dash speakers and I knew if you turned up the volume too much they would get distorted. But in terms of my list of things to do they were are about as low as possible.

The main reason for this is I have started to listen to audio books on long journeys. I have always tended to like someone nattering on the radio rather than just music so an audio book is great as you can use your wasted time travelling to get through a book. And tending to do rather long journeys I find radio reception can be poor.

Although listening to the audio books was fine I thought it about time to find out what state the old speakers were in, using a small screwdriver to pry up the mesh from the inside then tilting to the side to reveal a tired and broken speaker it was time for a better listening experience.

All you need is to find a 4″ or 10cm speaker to replace the factory speakers, You will most likely need to cut the tabs from the speakers and either leave a couple so you can add screws or as I did the factory clips fitted the new speakers so I could just push them into place.

Using a simple crimp connector I connected the new wires that came with the speakers to the existing van wires which you will have to cut the existing speaker connector off.

Then the test of the new speakers which were a massive improvement and a lot clearer for voices. So now looking forward to the next journey even more now.

Also you may be wandering what the orange thing is or already commenting on how good an idea it is. Pulling into spots for the night was a nightmare as you were not sure if the van was level until you parked and got out so this little level on the dashboard is great for telling you what angle you are at then you can quickly get out and place the levelling blocks and get things somewhat flat.


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